Monthly Archives: August 2014

Collection 2000 Work The Colour : Sonic Blue

    So today I have a short but sweet review for you all! I purchased this nail varnish the other day in Superdrug, it should have been £2.00 but they have an offer on at the minute so all of this collection is £1.50 🙂 I picked up this colour as it’s quite different […]

Competition Time!

Just a post to let everybody know I have a competition to win a unique illustration over on my page!  To enter all you have to to is visit and comment on the pinned post at the top of the page!  As you all know I love hearing everyone’s ideas on themes etc for […]

Prints And Illustrations : Pretty Mermaids

A quick post to show you all my pretty mermaids! These were done yesterday and are available for purchase at either £6.50 each or £10.00 (+P&P) for both (A5 size) 🙂 Just message me at for info.  Also don’t forget I do take commissions so if you would like you’re own pretty mermaid or […]

Prints and Illustrations: Lovely Tattooed Ladies

One of the things I’m loving at the minute is adding tattoos to my girls. Here’s a small collection of some tattooed ladies I have done, both in print form and the original watercolour illustration. I still have some of the originals left for sale at £10.00 A4 and £6.50 A5 just sent me a […]

Book Review : Welcome To My World by Miranda Dickinson

So today I have a lovely book review for you all 🙂  Anybody who knows me knows I can’t stop reading, and can literally spend hours and hours with a book so i’m going to make reviews a regular thing on the blog 🙂 So this is my latest read, “Welcome to my world ” […]

Fashion Timeline

                  So this is my favourite set so far, and has defiantly had a lot of work go into it. The fashion time line is entirely my own work, and I’m selling prints of the individual outfits and the full print, just message me at for […]

Burlesque Girl Illustration Set

I was going to make pages for my prints and illustrations, but I couldn’t get the presentation to go right on here and would have ended up with a huge long page of images, so I decided to do them as little posts. They’ll all be filed under prints/illustration and Polka Dot Teapot. To purchase […]