Monthly Archives: April 2015

Situations Involving Ex Boyfriends. What Would You Do?

Don’t you just hate them! So this is following an interesting conversation I had with my friend about what to do when you know someone’s partner has been sending inappropriate messages to another person. Do you just leave it and not get involved or would you go and tell the partner. A bit of background […]

Pink Hair Don’t Care

So I got my hair dresser to dip dye my hair this beaut pinky purple colour, just for fun 🙂 The brand of hair dye she used is a semi permanent called Colour Flash and the colour is “Mega Magenta” In terms of longevity this hair dye isn’t great, it faded pretty quick after one […]

Broken Toe’s Are Hell

So I’ve not blogged for a million years. Standard life is busy excuse. But I have a lot of time on my hands at the minute due to not working because I broke my toe. Well I say I broke my toe, I was stood minding my own business in a bar when a drunk […]