Broken Toe’s Are Hell

So I’ve not blogged for a million years. Standard life is busy excuse. But I have a lot of time on my hands at the minute due to not working because I broke my toe. Well I say I broke my toe, I was stood minding my own business in a bar when a drunk girl stumbled off a little dancing platform (which had no safety barriers around it) and stuck a stiletto into me. Total accident and she did apologise and totter off, in all honestly I’m still kind of pissed.

So after that I think I went into shock from the pain and felt very very sick, my friend found me curled up in the toilet stall of the bar leaving messages that made no sense at all to my boyfriend, with blood pouring out of my foot. The bouncers then cleaned me up put a plaster on and told me to go to hospital. Cue 3 hours in A&E an x-ray which showed that my bone had been completely snapped in half and a wound that was cut nearly to the bone. They sent me off with drugs (Co-codamol is the best thing!) and told me to return tomorrow for the fracture clinic.

If you don’t like gory pictures I’d advise you to look away now!

So this was the state of my foot when I got to A&E


and this is the x-ray


So I went back to the fracture clinic the next day, and it turns out I needed an operation to put K-wiring into my foot as the break was that bad. If you don’t know what K-wiring is was basically two wires drilled into my foot to keep the bone in place. I had this done under local aesthetic (they said I wouldn’t feel anything, they lied!). I went home with a really hideous support shoe, crutches and more good drugs. Cue 4 weeks off work, (I actually really really love my job so this made me really sad) and general madness from being in the house so much.


So three weeks later I’m sat minding my own business and the frickin wire just falls out my foot. Like literally just falls out. Called the hospital and they said to go in. I get x-rayed again and it turns out the wires weren’t in securely enough so one fell out and one slipped into the break and prevented it from healing. Pissed off wasn’t even the word. I got given a choice of leaving it, which meant my toe would be crooked forever and there was a risk of further health problems, such as the bones rotating. Or I could have another K-wire op and have another 4 weeks off work. In the end I went for the op.

When I came round from the anaesthetic (I told them to knock me out this time, couldn’t face local again) I was told the operation hadn’t gone to plan and my body had rejected the k-wiring. So my toe had been put into place, strapped up and I had to hope for the best. So another three weeks off work and yet more being stuck in the house. I’m back at the hospital tomorrow and I think that they’re going to tell me it hasn’t worked. I think the fact that they haven’t put the binding on properly hasn’t helped.

So that’s my sorry tale. I know that there is a lot lot worse going on in the world and in the grand scheme of things a broken toe isn’t that bad, but I just needed a rant. That drunk girls carelessness have cost me 7 weeks work and probably further health problems. I think the most frustrating thing is not being able to do the most simple of tasks such as have a standing up or drive. I don’t think being stuck inside so much does much good for your mental health either if I’m honest. I’m finding myself lacking motivation and being a bit down over it, which sounds pathetic because it is just a toe, but it’s impacted my whole life in a way that just ridiculous.

Anyway I’ll end this rant, on the plus size at least it’s given me a kick up the bum to get back into blogging. Every cloud 🙂


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I cannot believe what you went through – that is crazy. No wonder you were in such a bad way with the pain, that Xray pic is shocking!! I really do hope lady luck starts smiling down alot more than she has been. It’s devastating how one persons moment of stupidity has now pretty much effected the rest of your life. Keeping hopeful that they will give you some positive news at your appointment tomorrow lovely *hugs* Karen xo

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ve been told it will never mend properly so they just have to limit the damage xx

      1. Oh I’m so sorry Laura 😦 That’s awful!!! I genuinely hope the can do the best they can to limit the long term damage for you. Can’t imagine how utterly frustrated you must feel!! 😦 X

  2. […] awful night when I ended up in hospital with a broken toe (seems small, it was hell – post here) he came over with chocolate and made me tea all day and had to help me wash my hair because I was […]

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