Monthly Archives: July 2015

Eating Healthy & Weightloss

I’ve been scrolling through some Instagram pictures today and found this picture from December 2014 (when I met one of my favorite singers) and I realized just how much weight I’d lost since January. I don’t have any recent body shots, this one is from March (excuse the daft photo, its the only body shot […]

I Seem To Have A Burlesque Obsession

I’ve been having a tidy up and a clear out today, and I’ve just counted around 30 burlesque themed illustrations, so I thought I’d do a little promotion with them. These are all A5 size and I’m offering them at 2 for £10 over on my page Hope you like!

Ignorance & Mental Illness

This is in response to a rather rude and ignorant comment left on my post “Just a few thoughts” (Read it here). After a little digging around online (thanks for again giving me IP addresses and emails WordPress) I’ve realised this account had been reported for spamming on several other sites. So I’ve decided to […]

The Singers

Hi guys! Just a quick post today to show you my latest illustration collection, these are inspired by vintage jazz/blues singers 🙂 These are A4 size, watercolour and pen on watercolour paper, and are available to buy on my page Let me know what you think of them! Sorry this is such a short […]

Beauty Clear Out

Hi Guys, So after the pretty heavy post last time I have a bit of a light relief for you today. A beauty clear out! I decided last week to have a clear out of beauty items as I’m trying to downsize a little, and I thought I’d share what I was throwing out and […]

Just A Few Thoughts.

Morning guys, I wasn’t planning another lifestyle post for a while as I’ve had a couple of other posts lined up (like a beauty clear out, that was a tough one! bye bye make up..) but I received a comment on a post I did a while ago on why women always seem to blame […]

A Different Kind Of Painting.

If you follow any of my business pages ( shameless plus : ) then you’ll know that I generally illustrate using watercolour paper and watercolour paint. However this week I found an old canvas board, and decided to have a go at painting using acrylic. Acrylic is a lot harder to use then watercolour […]