Monthly Archives: September 2015

#UniAdvice : What To Remember On A Creative Course

So this whole “I’ll post a piece on my uni advice series every Tuesday” thing has gone out the window! I will try but a lot of plans changed this week hence no being able to stick to my blog time table. So today I’ve decided to focus on creative courses at university. This is […]

I’ve Been A Bad Blogger!…..

….. And not blogged for days, which is especially bad as I had a plan of posts too! But as usual life got in the way and other things came up. I also attended my good friends wedding on Saturday, which was amazing, so I thought I’d share a few of those photo’s with you […]

Birchbox September 2015

Hi everyone, another video for you today. This is what I got in my September Birchbox. What did you get in yours?

#UniAdvice : Relationships At University

This post was meant to go out yesterday and I forgot to post it, whoops! So this was a requested post by one of my subscribers Sophie, and she’s asked me to write a little bit about my experience with relationships at university. I’ve posted on personal topics regarding relationships before (here and here), and […]

A Really Good Experience With Benefit Cosmetics

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d share a short video on a really good experience I had with Benefit Cosmetics customer service, I’ve been watching a lot of videos that are quite negative about high end brands so I thought it would be nice to share something positive. I hope you enjoy!

Revenge Porn & Secret Filming

So a bit of a heavy one today, this is a topic I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I’ve been seeing lots of news stories around the internet about hidden cameras being found especially in bathrooms and it’s kind of freaking me out. ¬†Here is just one of them Woman finds hidden camera […]

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Review

Hi guys! Another beauty review for you today, this product has received a lot of hype recently so I caved and bought it a few weeks ago! This is the Mary Lou Manizer highlight from The Balm. This retails at around ¬£18 and you can purchase from Superdrug, but I got mine from and […]