About Me


So this is the most recent picture of me, far too dolled up for 9am (It was a 1940’s weekend and I was running a craft workshop) I never know what to say in these sections other then I’m a 23 year old fashion graduate, who lives in Yorkshire, runs a small business and likes to drink tea! So I’ve decided to just do a favourites tag and perhaps I’ll do the TMI video soon too 🙂 

Place – The Ochils, Scotland
Person – Evie, because she makes me laugh so much
Color – Purple
Food – Italian food
Smell – Pomegranate
Book – Harry potter series (I love them all!)
Movie – The Blues Brothers
Music artist – Far too many to name
Genre of music – Classical at the minute
Genre of literature – I read anything
Magazine – Cosmo
Texture – Fur
Time of day – Early morning
Day of the week – Wine Saturdays
Thing to do when bored – Make pretty things
Celebrity – Gotta be pink
Class in school – Many moons ago, it was Art
Drink – Rose wine
Precious stone – Amethyst
Animal – Dog
Time in history 1930’s – 1950’s best fashion era ever.
Video game – Skyrim, because I like the horses.
TV show – Waterloo Road, My Mad Fat Diary
Sound – The sound of wine being poured 😉
Fruit – Strawberry
Vegetable – Courgette
Store/shop – Not fussy!
Article of clothing you own – My red polka dot dress
Fashion/style – Don’t have one
Pattern – Polka dot’s
Workout – I just make it up as I go along.
Quote – “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” Mulan
Historical figure – Churchill
Boy’s name – Don’t have one
Girl’s name – Isla
Meal of the day – Which ever it’s acceptable to eat more food in.
Ice cream flavor – Raspberry Ripple
Popcorn flavor – Smoked paprika
Season – Autumn
Month of the year – December
Disney princess – Mulan
Joke – “Why do bank managers carry brief cases?” “Because brief cases don’t walk”
YouTube channel – Too many
Eye color – Blue
Memory – Too many
Dessert – Chocolate crunch and custard
Candy – Pick and Mix
Restaurant – Cosmo
Language – French
Thing to learn about – Anything crafty
Thing about yourself – Um, I have nice hair?



  1. Hello 🙂 you’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award *yay* There’s no pressure to accept, but have posted the link below for you to take a peek at! Karen 🙂 X


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