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Recipe : Home-made Tomato Soup

Just a quick post today on how to make this yummy home made tomato soup, it’s so simple and full of goodness (and at least one of your five a day!) This isn’t my recipe, I stole it from my dad but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me stealing it. This will make about 3 […]

Recipe : Creamy Cheese & Courgette Soup

So today I made this lovely soup for my lunch. I love homemade soups and because you’re making them, you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus they’re a really good way to get a portion of fruit and veg into your diet. So the soup I made today is one of my favorites I used […]

Recipe : Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Home made Hollandaise Sauce

Today I have a not so healthy recipe for you! This was my Sunday brunch with Dan, and it was so yummy! Sunday brunch is a bit of a thing with Dan and I, and we always try and do something nice whenever we spend the weekend together. I don’t know about him but I […]

Hairy Bikers : Roast Cod Wrapped In Parma Ham

A foodie post! I’ve been reading the Hairy Bikers diet book again and came across this gem. Roast cod wrapped in parma ham with a sprinkling of parmesan┬ácheese and breadcrumbs, served with roast vegetables. I’m really annoyed at how blurry this is! I didn’t realise the picture was so bad, but doesn’t it look yummy? […]

Breakfast Recipe : Fruit Crumpets

So I had a rare weekend off this weekend and decided it was time for a breakfast that wasn’t cereal or toast for a change, and decided on crumpets and fruit. I stole this recipe from my dad (who stole it from the hairy dieters cookbook), its very filling, gives you one of your five […]