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New Year, A New Blog!!

Happy new year you beautiful people. I hope you all had a good one and I have some exciting news! I’m the proud owner of a beautiful new blog designs and my very own website, which you can find hereĀ . Head over and check it out! I think I’ve managed to transfer all you lovely […]

What I’ve Learnt From Blogging This Year

So another new year is nearly here! I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling that “oh crap where has the time gone feeling” as well as “yay a new year I can’t wait” kind of thing. Today I thought I’d write a couple of things I’ve learnt from blogging this year. I know […]

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!. This post was originally going to be a video however I think it would take far too long to edit and film, so I’ve decided to just stick to a blog post for now. A quick disclaimer – I’m not […]

#UniAdvice : Relationships At University

This post was meant to go out yesterday and I forgot to post it, whoops! So this was a requested post by one of my subscribers Sophie, and she’s asked me to write a little bit about my experience with relationships at university. I’ve posted on personal topics regarding relationships before (here and here), and […]

A Really Good Experience With Benefit Cosmetics

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d share a short video on a really good experience I had with Benefit Cosmetics customer service, I’ve been watching a lot of videos that are quite negative about high end brands so I thought it would be nice to share something positive. I hope you enjoy!

Superdrug Haul August 2015

Hi guys, I thought I’d try a haul video! These are all the bits I bought from Superdrug when I went on a bit of a spree. Apologies for the rubbish editing in this, I had to chop a few bits to keep it short Here’s a couple of swatches on the lip products I […]

Book Review : Flawless By Tilly Bagshawe

“Set in the glittering world of international diamond dealing, FLAWLESS follows the fortunes of idealistic young designer Scarlett Drummond Murray as she battles her way through the snake pits of greed and corruption in the jewellery business. From London to Beverly Hills, New York to Cape Town, Scarlett finds herself plunged into a world of […]